“Get in the car. Everyone get in the car. Time to go home.” My Mom is herding us like chicks. We’re all piling in the backseat of the station wagon, sweaty and tired. But happy because we all got to ride the Hermann Park train. The grand finale. Went clicking clacking in the rickety kid […]

Happy Easter

All Rise. Birth is messy. Most of us arrived with a fair amount of muss and trouble not looking our best. Squalling. Rebirth. Even messier. We may not be covered in bodily fluids ( that mess is all inside) but we’ve come through a tunnel of trouble and here we are in a new place. […]

Easter Basket

It was a peaceful Sunday morning and I was at my Garden Church of the Holy Ghost. Where the flowers are still in the ground and you’re allowed to bring your coffee outside to the bench/pew. And I can wear my pajamas even though I have townhome neighbors now who can look down and see […]