July 28, 2018

Reflection as a Practice

Do you keep a journal?

I’ve kept two kinds of journals for decades.

One is a personal journal – how I see myself, how I see my life. Feelings I have about the choices I’ve made. Reflections about my spiritual well being. I have all of them since I was eighteen. Usually write at the end of the day. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. Keeps me more or less sane. And aware. Especially of the patterns in my life.

The other journal is a work journal. Years ago, I began carrying a notebook/journal with me at all times, wherever I worked and whatever I was doing. I took notes, pasted in business cards, glued in helpful pages of info. Drew pictures. Outlined reports. Commented on what I was seeing and hearing. Often wrote what I could not say out loud. I never tear the pages out – I just keep going. I have thirty four years of these. It was a very useful exercise. Looking back at these makes me laugh and gives me great joy. To see the things I once thought were hard … and to remember what it took to get work done. And the people I got to work with.

A lot of truth telling is good for your own dang soul. We can write it all down, then look at it and decide what to share.

If I get hit by a bus ….  you know what you need to do.

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