December 26, 2019

New Delusions Resolutions

Here comes the season of New Delusions Resolutions. Relentless ad campaigns aimed at stirring up your “imma be better” buying instincts. “Let me purchase this right now as a testament to my commitment.”

Over this past year (or hell, be ambitious – last decade) you’ve made some changes, learned some important lessons, acquired new skills, gained insights, made some good friends. Take that inventory and then ask yourself : “What made these changes possible? How was I able to tackle challenges? What resources proved really helpful? Who was solidly on my team? What investments in myself really paid off?”

These answers – if you’re honest – will tell you what works for you. What you need most and what’s a source of strength for you. When we examine the most meaningful and satisfying parts of our lives and ask : “what makes this possible?” we are pointed to actions that matter.

Then you can save your money because that gimmicky thing in your timeline, most likely didn’t feature in the big transformational moments of the past year (or decade) and won’t make a big difference next year either.

And so I won’t be signing up for the unrealistic fitness plan/organizer scheme/ninja self improvement guide/guru retreat/ isolation tank/ diet/ wilderness survival /be better program … just scroll past all those and phone a friend who loves you.

I wrote this for me and maybe for you too!

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