September 10, 2019

Mother Nature

On my mind –

The thing about Mother Nature is that if you go to war with her, you lose. She has her rules. You live in her. She’s a “natural consequences” kind of disciplinarian. So she just lets the results of actions roll down. You can drum up all the heroics you want, sound the horns for the charge, ride up to her temple gates with your bartering/battering ram but you’re just a flyspeck on a fly swatter. Your swagger doesn’t register. You live within and depend upon what you’re trying to conquer and control. If you forget that, no worries. There’s a built in feedback system. You’ll be hot, hungry and thirsty. As many many already are. And have been for a long time.

We’re all in this together. It’s one system. One planet and we don’t have another one nearby to move to.

*photo apologies. I don’t know who sent this photo to me. Will acknowledge when I track it down. Kingwood area.

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