December 15, 2022


What brings me joy?

Seeing people flourish. Watching people use their gifts. No, not celebrities. Not in fancy productions. Just up close watching people grow into their skins, fill out a role, find direction and purpose. I LOVE encouraging and supporting that quest.

My brother used to make fun of me. “You’re all ‘be all you can be’ Angela”. I was thinking “of course we must all be all we can be.”

I see people through the lens of potential and watching them grow brings me so much satisfaction. Part of my job now is just noticing what people are like when they are at their best. I like reflecting back to them what they’re doing that works. I love cheering people on. I particularly love when I work with them to try out new behaviors and take good risks – and get to see the results.

Helping younger leaders get comfortable with responsibility and authority. Helping them align their performance and role with their values and principles.

Helping mature leaders find their teachable point of view. Mining experience for what’s worth passing on. And then putting that together for sharing.

Look, we all want work. We do. We may not love a particular job but when you think about “not working” you’re usually thinking about other things that also qualify as work. Just not for money. And not for an institution. Even with a job we love for an institution we believe in, if we’re good, we’re on a quest to grow. I believe we all have a deep need to use our skills and talents to contribute. And to continue to grow in our ability to do so.

Joy is seeing people flourish.

© Angela Blanchard

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