September 29, 2019


I watch as people try to get one another’s goat.

(Where did that expression come from? I don’t want your goat. Here. Take it back. But, I’m digressing.)

Watching as people try to be as provocative and antagonistic as possible. It’s become a contest on social media. How do we get one another inflamed? Light that fire and watch one another burn.

We’re one people whether we can see it or not. Interdependent. All vulnerable creatures on a common journey.

Inflaming your fellow human beings is a bit like dousing yourself in gasoline and trying to throw a match on someone else. You better be really good and really fast.

(It also seems a bit like married people who try to make one another miserable. Wow. You succeeded. Now you have to live with a miserable person. But don’t mind me. I was married for about a minute decades ago and never felt inclined to do it again)

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