September 20, 2019

Flooded Again

So many of my friends homes are flooded. Again. I feel sick with dread. Weeks of misery. Months of mold. You’d think we would grow some sort of thicker skin (scales) to deal with all of this but we haven’t yet. It’s just so heartbreaking to see people trying to continue a way of life that is no longer feasible. So many places are becoming untenable. And we could begin by accepting that and moving/crafting/engineering our way beyond it. But we’re not yet accepting. Just hearing more unrealistic plans and demands.

It’s not drowning cities that shatters my heart. It’s watching as human beings pour everything they have into a myth of recovery.

On the day of climate strike, the Texas Gulf Coast is shut down. Not striking. Stricken.

*photo from Arexpressions. Posted on Hella Flood FB www.arexpressions

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