Go Where You’re Invited

Work, workplace, remote work

Without really knowing it or making up my mind to do it, I’ve been steadily building this new business for the last five years. I thought I would do a little consulting if asked and I did. I thought it would probably decline over time and it didn’t. It kept growing. Following my guidelines for […]

About Boundaries


I don’t have many. Before you get all “mental healthy” on me, let me work this out. I don’t have many because I don’t want to spend all my time protecting my borders. Policing others to make sure they don’t come too close or go too far. I’m not fragile. I’m also too busy trying […]

Houston Be Someone

(Not clear who) Whenever I see the now Houston iconic “BE SOMEONE” graph I think how perfect it is for Houston. Kind of vaguely encouraging, calling forth ambition. And I’m also reminded of the brilliant and funny Lily Tomlin (stand up, Broadway Lily, not the series LT) whose commentary never ages. Lily said : “All […]

Obscure Sorrows

release, letting go

This morning I’m thinking about how essential it is to have reflection time. To sit with feelings, to let thoughts run full circle until I see the patterns, helpful and not so helpful, in my thinking. Much of the trouble we get into stems from running from emotions and thoughts we expect to be “too” […]

Queer and…

queer, banishment, banished, pride

#PRIDE Spoke with a friend today about what it means to be banished. Cut off from family or community. To be sent out of, or to be forced to leave, your country, family or community because “your kind” are not welcome. To be cut off because you are considered an abomination. Being excommunicated, banished, ejected […]


brave, bravery, leaders

If you want to be brave you’re going to have to let go of the idea that you’re fragile. That you need safety to perform, to act, to create. That you must first be treated with some particular form of special care before you can build or make something. You must first stop demanding or […]