November 5, 2023

All Knowing Saints

You don’t have to be an all knowing saint. Pure and holy. To be good for the world. To pray for the killing to stop. You don’t have to be a genius of geopolitics and a scholar of the history of the global order to want it to end. It isn’t a prerequisite that you understand the origins and history of every conflict in the world to have a strong, deep, desperate hunger to see the killing stop.

Love and longing for peace aren’t an assault on anyone. They’re not insensitive or stupid or only the hungers of the privileged. It’s the deeply human soulful part of us longing to be one with creation. Not aligned with or participating in intentional destruction.

Those who nurture and tend to the world find ourselves one with those suffering and fleeing guns and carnage no matter who they are.  We see those who a month ago, or a year ago, or five years ago, were making a list, trying to remember to get dates at the market. Dusting out a cupboard. Looking  at the toddlers pants and wondering if they could get another month out of them. Worrying about a teenager growing up too fast. When war came they had no weapon at hand bigger than a broom.

In the great market of power exchanges, in all the bartering over control and land, it is possible to be innocent. And deeply long for mercy and for the killing to stop.

War is failure. The greatest of failures. The most profound waste. There are no saints in war.

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