Handle Your Elephants

This past month I’ve been working like mad to pull together reports and proposals for clients. I have a small team and we’re all buzzing. There’s building a business and then there’s doing the business. I love all of it. especially my purpose now – to support leaders in the arena – People hire me […]

At Our Best

still standing I serve as advisor / consultant to a number of organizations – private and social sector. Many of their challenges are the same. Right now people are looking back on the last 18-24 months even as they try to figure out what lies ahead. Today I’m outlining sessions with two groups to examine […]

Here’s my controversial message of the day:

No, you are not enough. Let me repeat that. You are not enough. You’ve never been enough. “I am enough” is not an empowering message. It’s delusional. WE are enough. WE are. Build community. Because no one thrives, heals, succeeds, creates, recovers or transcends suffering alone. Our choices may be individual but even those are […]

Born For Storms: Nine Lessons on Creating Welcome and the Journey to Recovery

One of the oldest stories in the world is the story of displacement. Upended lives. Mass migrations. Wholesale disruptions of community and belonging. When weather or war make our world uninhabitable, we will move to higher ground. We will seek a new life. I have witnessed this recovery journey as CEO of BakerRipley, the largest […]

journal excerpt: community development

February 2012 I hold this deep faith and commitment to the promise of this country — this heartfelt hope that we never ever break the contract we have with the world — that if you come here and work hard it will pay off. If you use your gifts and your voice, you will belong. […]