Words About Angela's Work

Angela, you remind me of Ann Richards.
Barack Obama
44th President of the United States
If you want to build a community, a refuge from life's storms, you'll want Angela Blanchard, a woman who has walked into storm after storm, and disaster and disaster, to help her community walk out of the storm with their heads held high. She's a one-of-a-kind leader––smart, wise, canny, clever and compassionate.
Whitney Johnson
Bestselling author, Disrupt Yourself
I am incredibly fortunate to be a colleague of Angela's at Brown University. I have learned so much from Angela about how to translate good ideas into action, how to lead dynamic nonprofit organizations that serve the needs of diverse communities, and how to build sustainable change from the ground up. The students at Brown love Angela's courses and workshops. She brings deep wisdom, great empathy, and tremendous positivity to our academic community.
Eric Patashnik
Professor and Director of Master of Public Affairs Program, Brown University
Angela has the very rare ability to be on the ground, working with community members, engaging them in conversations and processes rich in discovery....and move the entire stakeholder community forward: stronger, wiser more capable and more united than before.
Meg Wheatley
Author, Leadership and the New Science
Every American city can learn from the way Angela's work is embracing Houston's future and weaving it into Houston's history.
Bruce Katz
Centennial Scholar Brookings Institution
Angela Blanchard received the 22nd Heinz Award in the Human Condition category for creating a transformative model of community development that has become a powerful and positive model for cities looking to thrive in the midst of complex demographic and social change.
The Heinz Awards
Angela Blanchard was able to cut through the partisan rhetoric to get Democrats and Republicans on board. Together they raised $25 million to build the Neighborhood Center.
Fareed Zakaria
In many conversations Angela and I have shared and celebrated our experiences in the nonprofit sector. In the process she has inspired me and refreshed my spirit, my mind and my soul. Angela has a special combination of experience, temperament and skills. She is a storyteller, an accountant, a community organizer, a listener, a domestic and global leader in disasters, a consultant, a relationship-builder, a thinker, a do-er, a teacher and a warm and empathetic humanitarian….. with a tough no-nonsense Texas attitude....and a passion for justice.
William J. Allen
Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs, Brown University
Blanchard has spoken in places as distant as Australia about the organization’s model, one that recognizes the rapid demographic shift taking place in cities like Houston, and sees immigrants and long-time residents alike as human capital to be leveraged in a positive way.
Emily DeRuy
The Atlantic
Angela’s work is more comprehensive than any other place in the country. This is a model we should really get the public to invest in.
Geoffrey Canada
Founder Harlem Children's Zone