My Brother

I miss my brother – the way he used to be. Last year during Harvey, I left the shelter a few times to go see my brother at the medical center. The whole family and a few Houston friends pitched in to help get him back to Texas after a truly horrible motorcycle accident in Utah. People […]


One year anniversaries: You know what’s lost and what won’t ever be recovered. You feel gratitude and grief in equal measure. You’ve chosen either acceptance or resignation. You feel a painful and useful sense of solidarity with others whose lives have been upended. #HurricaneHarvey

Your Outrage Does Not Matter

Your outrage does not matter. Nor your attempts to foster empathy. This is about power. This administration feeds on – relishes – their power to inflict pain. The very fact they can cause suffering – directly and indirectly – is a source of affirmation for them. Confirmation of their ordained superiority. You can see this […]

Happy Easter

All Rise. Birth is messy. Most of us arrived with a fair amount of muss and trouble not looking our best. Squalling. Rebirth. Even messier. We may not be covered in bodily fluids ( that mess is all inside) but we’ve come through a tunnel of trouble and here we are in a new place. […]

The Power of I’m Sorry

An honest desire to help allows us to say “I’m sorry.” I am so sorry for your loss. For the devastation. For oppression. For your wounds that won’t heal and your hurt that has no remedy. If we are one with those we want to help, it becomes natural to express our sorrow for what […]

After Disasters: Milestones and Holidays

It hurts to have our lives turned upside down. The holidays are going to make the pain a bit sharper and tempers shorter. Our belongings and all the memories they represent – in a big soggy pile – is going to be the standout 2017 memory for many of our neighbors. That raggedy tree topper […]

Recovery Mirrors

Many people have lost their memories and their history. Not only in this storm but in other storms and disruptions as well. For some, Harvey is a heartbreaking sequel. They’ve hauled their belongings to the curb before and now they’re doing it again. Piling up their pain. Waiting for deliverance. In some way they’re the lucky ones. […]

The Secret of Change

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, Not on fighting the old, But on building the new.