People who have experience with domestic violence know something very important. The most extreme danger comes when you try to break up or leave the abuser. Your life, those you care about, and your profession and possessions are most in danger at the point you decide you’re done. Abusers will burn your life down when/as […]

Pots. Prayers. Plans.

Hey there. There are three things I need today. POTS. (That’s pots, not pot. Smart aleck)  If you have any spare clay or ceramic pots lying around outside I can use them. Maybe you were going to have that deck or balcony garden but it didn’t quite work out. I have sprouted lots of things […]

Gratitude and Grief

We’ve had a death in our family and it’s going to be a difficult day of masked up, socially distanced services. Excruciating. I post this because I know that we aren’t the only ones in this season facing losses. And practicing our faith and finding gratitude and grace even in loss. We are avoiding anger […]


I hate this word. My son and I have words we just don’t like – Even though these words do their job, we pause when we use them and say: I hate that word. As I work on my Shipwrecked Project I’m avoiding tackling this topic. I’ve got lots of notes on it and stories […]

Small World

I can feel your fear. And mine. I want to write you words. Words that will erase your heart pounding can’t sleep at night eat everything in sight (or nothing) yell at your friends – fear. Are we in too deep for words? Words may not quite reach all the way down to that hard […]


There are days when I wish that life was a bit more like Wheel of Fortune. If your spin landed on global pandemic, it couldn’t also land on fire, cancer, racism, bankruptcy, … And we’d just take hurricane season off the board altogether. Life is fraught. This ain’t Heaven, it’s Earth. And we are all vulnerable […]


In the aftermath of disaster there are discernible patterns – stages of thought, behavior and emotions. Fifteen years ago I began to map them. To document – from the experiences of people who’d faced the unthinkable – those patterns and stages. You can read some of what I’ve written about them on my website. This […]

7 Stages of Disaster Recovery: How the Light Gets In

“There is a crack in everything. It’s how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen About twelve years ago I began collecting stories — stories that emerged from working with people who had survived disasters. There were so many lessons in these stories. After a time, I began to notice that the wisdom I heard and […]


We are all vulnerable creatures. We live on a tumultuous and volatile planet. War or weather. Upheaval is not rare but normal. It’s the spaces of predictability in between, those we think of and wish were “normal”, that we must treasure. It’s a hard reality that we are always on the brink of something catastrophic. […]


This past month I’ve spent time with several friends going through really rough patches. I’ve listened as they’ve shared their pain and disillusionment. And it’s been beneficial because I’ve been reminded of the rough spots in my life – and the fact that I survived them and I am wiser for it. Betrayal is a […]