Craft of Leading

It takes strength of character to build upon the success of strong leaders that came before you. Leaders need a solid core of meaning and purpose, combined with self awareness. Those folks that failed to develop character strengths, work to tear down what’s been built. Too afraid to take risks. Too scared to declare a […]

On Our Doorstep

I have this theory that we seek dictators and “strongmen” when we can’t or won’t bear the weight and responsibility of free will and interconnectedness. We don’t want to own all of our decisions – especially the ones we thought were right but turned out to be wrong. When what we did contributed to an […]

Soapboxes and Bandwagons

As an alternative to outrage, pontification, indignation, I like to check myself. Before I tell others how they should feel and think and behave I check myself. Where do I have direct power and influence over people and resources – are all my practices there in line with my beliefs about love, respect and inclusiveness? […]