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Rebuilding Lives After Disaster and Displacement
This is a practitioner story. Over a decade ago, we responded in Houston to Katrina by welcoming over 200,000 neighbors to Houston. Since that time I have been on a quest to understand the very best of practical, regionally based responses to displaced people. I do not distinguish between people displaced by war and political oppression and those cast out of their homes by fire and flood. Because our role and our responsibilities did not differ based upon where people came from or what tossed them ashore. The challenge was the same; to find a way to make them a part of the unfolding regional story. To search relentlessly for what worked best after disaster and displacement. This search and response carried us through multiple waves of incoming refugees and immigrants, allowed us to respond to multiple floods and hurricanes. And resulted in invitations to places from Brisbane to Amman. Hamburg to Charlottesville. Because everywhere --- there are people arriving in cities holding aspirations to earn, learn and belong.