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Creating an effective welcome

Cities as On-ramps to Opportunity
Currently, more than 65 million people live outside of their own homes and cities and not by choice. Wars and weather have forced them from their communities and torn them from their histories. From the Kinglake fires in Australia to the resettlement of Syrians in Germany, the storms of the Gulf Coast, to the flow of unaccompanied minors in Texas, to the refugee camps in Lebanon and improvised settlements that surround major cities – we see disruption and flows of people into cities are increasing. 

Welcoming newcomers is a creative process. A constant flow of people to our cities requires us to be swift, creative and grounded in our approaches. To be effective, we must keep our service goals simple and based upon the aspirations of arriving groups of people. We must focus on the universal aspirations--to earn, learn and belong.

I provide context and clarity for some of the most complex challenges facing communities at a domestic and global level. I will share insights and lessons learned from 30 years of work in developing effective, strength-based solutions for welcoming/resettling immigrants and refugees. You’ll learn how to construct programs out of existing community assets after a disaster or migration.