• I believe true leadership has nothing to do with position.

    A leader is anyone willing to step forward and help.

    Maybe you’re committed to creating change – but you aren’t sure how or where to begin. Start your journey here.

You Can't Build On Broken

A framework for community change
Learn a ground-breaking appreciative approach to transforming organizations, communities and cities based on what’s working and what’s strong. I’ll show how to begin the transformation with a new set of questions: What are we like when we are at our best? What gives energy and life to our work? What makes it feel like home? What are our core strengths and how do we employ them to tackle our toughest challenges? This is a powerful path forward. Based upon a relentless search for strengths – it is not a journey for the faint-hearted but a way of working that will breathe new life into organizations and communities—leading toward greater support, more connections, better processes, and inspired action.