July 31, 2023

Houston Be Someone

(Not clear who)

Whenever I see the now Houston iconic “BE SOMEONE” graph I think how perfect it is for Houston. Kind of vaguely encouraging, calling forth ambition.

And I’m also reminded of the brilliant and funny Lily Tomlin (stand up, Broadway Lily, not the series LT) whose commentary never ages.

Lily said :
“All my life I always wanted to be someone. I see now I should have been more specific.”

Houston’s unbridled love of ambition and agnosticism about its aims has given us a complex urban story. A hot mess of a city that makes room for all sorts of stubborn determination.

So by all means, go be someone. And while you’re at it, consider making some room for someone else. There’s enough of this mess to go around.

© Angela Blanchard

Photo credit :
Jill Karnicki/Staff photographer
Houston Chronicle
Mar 30, 2023.

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