November 24, 2020

Gratitude and Grief

We’ve had a death in our family and it’s going to be a difficult day of masked up, socially distanced services. Excruciating.

I post this because I know that we aren’t the only ones in this season facing losses. And practicing our faith and finding gratitude and grace even in loss.

We are avoiding anger and resentment even when they are so tempting. If we can only be mad at someone, find something to be frustrated about – what a fine distraction that would be but it does nothing to honor this loved one we lost or heal the hurt we feel.

This is meant to be a season of gratitude and celebration. But I remind myself of what I’ve learned and taught. At every milestone there will be gratitude and grief in equal measure.

I wrote this for those of us feeling the loss of people we love and the suspension of rituals we rely upon. It’s a time when we turn to memories and plans, the past and the future, not as an escape from pain of the present but in the full faith that this too shall pass.

This sad season will end and there will be a renewal in which we recreate our rituals, craft new traditions celebrating what’s good in life. Rituals that include remembering those that make the journey worth it.

© Angela Blanchard

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