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September 20, 2023

Go Where You’re Invited

Without really knowing it or making up my mind to do it, I’ve been steadily building this new business for the last five years. I thought I would do a little consulting if asked and I did. I thought it would probably decline over time and it didn’t. It kept growing.

Following my guidelines for being useful :
“Go where you’re invited. Do what you’re asked to do.”

So then I had to get some help to do the projects I was asked to do. And then some more help. Now I find myself with a tiny enterprise staffed up. And now there is more work. There’s also a lot of talent… and when I see talented people I want to get more projects so I can work with them. (Slow up here Angela you’re not 40!)

Because I was living in two places, I wasn’t concerned with where the people I sought out to work with were living. Consequently the people who form my small team live in Austin, Birmingham (England – not Alabama), Providence, Vegas, Brisbane. Clients live all over too.

I just live in one place again. Home.

And I have a team member in Houston! Yay! She comes and works in our workspace. And it’s the best. I like her company and also as hard as I tried to adapt to the new all online work culture, I was often lonely. My Cajun self needs people. Like their actual presence.

Now, I hold meetings in person with clients who live here and work online with those who don’t. And also just invite people over to sit at my table and talk. About whatever is on their minds. My fave.

What have you been doing in your big transition? How have you adapted to our permanently changed world of work? What needs do you have that are/are not getting met by your new way of working?

Throw in some advice you have for others in big transitions. Or small enterprises.

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Work, workplace, remote work