February 27, 2015

For my sisters…actual and acquired

This is a funny post just for my sisters…actual and acquired.

I was in front of the mirror in a Galleria department store, saleslady nearby (are they still called salesladies?) getting ready for Heart of Gold. Once a year I buy something nice to wear to our big fundraising event and I try to look very well-behaved and not like a woman who says the f-word.

The dress did not fit. It was a great color,a coming-to-life color, a happy look-at-me-color. I wanted it but … well my butt. That was the problem. Sinking feeling. I said, “This dress was not made for my body.” (I meant butt). At that moment two of the saleslady’s friends walked up to say hello to her. Overheard my commentary on my body (butt). They smiled and gave my body (butt) a once over and said, “you look like us”. Yep.

So now these three African American women joined up, Trudy the saleslady, and her two friends, in a kind of mini support group to make me feel better about my body… only after a while we were all saying “butt”. We discussed dresses that liked our butts and those that did not.

They gave me some liking-my-butt coaching and told me all about people getting surgery so they could have butts like mine.
I was feeling a lot better about my body when it was over. I had new friends.

So this kind of made me happy and tearful at the same time. I was thinking how these sweet and funny women extended a sister-courtesy to me when they did not have to. Just to be kind.

Today, Trudy sent me a picture (I gave her my cell number.) of a couple of dresses that she thought would fit my body (butt). I think I like them.

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