August 3, 2019

Craft of Leading

It takes strength of character to build upon the success of strong leaders that came before you. Leaders need a solid core of meaning and purpose, combined with self awareness. Those folks that failed to develop character strengths, work to tear down what’s been built. Too afraid to take risks. Too scared to declare a course- they believe they earn their stripes, garner support by critiquing and dismantling. Destroying is so much easier than painstakingly building in an imperfect world.

Every healthy leader becomes a kind of curator – of the past, present and future. This is exceedingly challenging. Parsing the past for lessons and successes that should be brought forward – preserved. (And burying those that need a honest funeral) Examining the horizon for what is most morally and professionally compelling. Crafting actions in the moment that knit the strengths of the past with the challenges of the future. Nailing down the possible. Staying open and curious. Evolving.

That’s the craft of leading. Not for the lazy or timid or entitled.

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