March 1, 2019

BOOKS: my friends.

Working in multiple places is not so bad I’ve found. Our work is portable and as long as my Surface is working I’m good to go. My attachment to books is the only thing that makes me not so portable.

I really love books – love being surrounded by them. When I was a kid some of my siblings dragged around favorite stuffed animals. I took a book for comfort. With a book I could instantly be somewhere else.

So now I have books in many places. They’re *kind of* organized into big categories.

  1. Meaning of life / seeing the world
  2. Really good stories – some great novels and some gossipy business dramas
  3. Disasters and displacement
  4. All things cities and development – urbanists old and new
  5. African History art and culture / African American literature
  6. Feminist literature / philosophy
  7. Cajun culture and history
  8. Design of – well everything
  9. Poetry (narrow collection – just the ones I like)
  10. Humor (you can see why I’d need those given the rest of this lineup)

Recently a lovely someone gave me some truly beautiful books by Maria Merian. They’re really pieces of art – I need a new category for them.

What are the well represented categories in your book collection? I really want to know.

*PS: people don’t return books they borrow. I hold it against them.

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