Leadership Theory

Angela’s “Wastewater treatment plant” theory of leadership. You’re expected to take in all manner of dangerous crap, from every imaginable source, and turn it into pure drinkable water. You may be disrespected and abused but you can’t disrespect or abuse. You may be ignored but you don’t get to ignore. Your needs are a subject […]


No matter how hard we try we can never completely heal our own hurt without service. We cannot fill our emptiness or alleviate pain without acts of service. Through service to others we find meaning in suffering. We stop the torment of “why”. We see our common humanity. This is the ultimate salve for our […]


Cause we live in a podcast world. Some of us anyway. Have the leisure to listen. There are so many podcasts. So many people with time to talk. If you started now and listened for the rest of your life you’d never hear them all. Same with music. It’s crowded out there. You know what’s […]

Saints and Suffering

Sometimes when I’m really really happy and life seems to be going well, I don’t quite trust it. A lifelong habit of anticipating disaster – with an eye toward averting the worst – interferes with my enjoyment of the present. There’s more than a bit of leftover Catholic flavored guilt. Suffering was heavily promoted in […]

Enron and Hype and Hubris

I hate hype. I learned this early from my parents. They each had a form of zero tolerance for inflated presentations. My mom can spot a phony a mile away and has been known to say things like “if you have to work that hard at appearing nice you’re definitely hiding something.” I’ve seen her […]

Unfairness and Injustice

When I’m stuck it’s because I’m still trying to understand, trying to make sense of something that is irrational. I want to note the causes – a straight line of “because of this, then that”. An explanation, I think, leading to understanding and I could let go of the anger, the hurt. But buried in […]

About Ideas and Thinking

A good part of my time now is spent learning, teaching and writing. At Brown, it’s kind of my job. Yes I’m also doing consulting work but even that work, done well, involves learning, teaching, writing. There are mornings I wake up and think, “I’d rather get a pickup truck, work gloves and Clorox and […]

Be Good for the World

I’m aggravating and I know it. My coaching/consulting style: Very annoying and loving big sister or older aunt that you know better than to call unless you really want to deal with the real. People pay me for this! My son says “nothing annoys you more, Mom, than undeveloped potential”. My brother Ted calls my […]

Baby I Love You.

Go on and live your life. There will be endless posts about lessons of 9/11. The lesson I’ve taken away is this one: Every single person who knew their life might end that day left a beautiful message of love and appreciation. Every single person who could, told the people they cared about how much […]


breathe through it I’ve been trying to “get over” some losses because even though I know better, the “just get over it” cultural norm pollutes my thinking. I’m not “over” these losses. I’m still in the process of letting go. Of reflecting on what they meant – what they mean now. Someone wise once told […]