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The Atlantic: How Asking About Their Needs Connects People in Houston

Angela Blanchard, an elegant, straight-talking force of nature in this part of the world, has been at the helm of the organization for the past two decades. Under her direction, Neighborhood Centers’ annual budget has swelled to $260 million, placing it in the top one percent of nonprofits nationwide. Blanchard has spoken in places as […]

Fast Company: What Gardening Can Teach You about Being an Effective Leader

Neighborhood Centers CEO Angela Blanchard is growing a lot in her communities. She oversees the largest charitable organization in Texas, a network of 74 sites that provide education, home care, and other services to more than 500,000 people annually–an increase of almost 200,000 from just two years ago. But despite the complexity of her job, […]

New York Times: What Do The Poor Need? Try Asking Them

Neighborhood Centers, a Houston nonprofit that grew out of the settlement house movement, has been around since 1907. Although it has grown exponentially, in large part because of the leadership of Angela Blanchard, the organization’s president and chief executive officer for the past two decades, its philosophy remains unchanged. “The people are the asset, the […]