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Responding to a Pandemic Threat

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ZDNet: Words of wisdom for leaders battling the COVID-19 pandemic

Angela Blanchard is a globally recognized expert practitioner in community development, disaster recovery, and long-term integration for immigrants and refugees, as well as an award-winning crisis management leader. Blanchard shares words of wisdom from disasters for leaders who are battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for the full story.

Houston Chronicle: ‘Stay away from groups’

Earlier this week, we asked her about the Houston area’s response to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. Shortly after the Q&A originally published, the city of Houston issued a emergency health declaration. Now, with the situation changing quickly, The Houston Chronicle asked Angela for this update.

Houston Chronicle: ‘Not moving at the speed of need’

As the world struggled to slow the spread of the fast-moving COVID-19 coronavirus, Houston leaders and individuals were asking: What’s our area’s plan? Who’s in charge? With a situation that changes by the hour, who’s telling us what to do? Here are Angela’s thoughts on the Houston area’s coronavirus response.

Houston Chronicle: Expert explains why Houston mayor was right to declare disaster

Angela Blanchard, president emerita of BakerRipley, is one of Houston’s leading experts on disasters. She has been a player in helping Houston recover from multiple disasters, and at Brown University now teaches graduate-level public-policy courses on Disaster and Displacement. We asked her about the Houston area’s response to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. Shortly after the […]

The Atlantic: How Asking About Their Needs Connects People in Houston

Angela Blanchard, an elegant, straight-talking force of nature in this part of the world, has been at the helm of the organization for the past two decades. Under her direction, Neighborhood Centers’ annual budget has swelled to $260 million, placing it in the top one percent of nonprofits nationwide. Blanchard has spoken in places as […]