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    I help change-makers and leaders turn passion into practical ways of changing the world.

    As a nonprofit CEO, I’ve learned that leadership has nothing to do with position, and everything to do with being present and productive in challenging situations.

    I teach practical approaches to evolutionary leadership and proven frameworks for transforming communities and organizations.

    So we can continue to keep the conversation, and the change… going.

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Recruiting for a Movement

February 17, 2015

A few years ago we grew concerned about how we were going to keep the culture of Neighborhood Centers Inc. flourishing as we brought on new people. What people notice and appreciate about us is our responsiveness – a pervasive attitude of “how can we be helpful”. When others step back, we step forward – whether it’s a troubled neighborhood or the aftermath of a hurricane. We need people with that same willingness to move toward challenges large or small. One of our best people faced with a difficult situation – fraught with cultural sensitivities and emotional intensity – simply looked at a client and said “how can we make this comfortable for you?” And then arranged exactly what was …

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Antivirals for Organizations

February 10, 2015

If we accept that an organization is a living thing, organic and evolving, then it makes sense that organizations get sick just like individuals. Sometimes we see the symptoms of illness in the organization and work to confront them. Adjusting a policy or process. That can work in the short run. But organizational viruses are just like real ones. They trigger our immune systems, drain our energy and keep us from doing our work. To deal with them we need antivirals that get to the heart of what’s wrong. I have come to believe that viruses in organizations are not about processes or policies, or any of the other trappings or organizational artifacts. They emerge when someone begins to act …

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