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Move toward a better future with a new way of seeing communities that focuses on strengths and capacities without avoiding harsh realities.

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Recover from disasters of all kinds in innovative and inspiring ways using the 7 Stages of Disaster Recovery road map.

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Maximize the potential of non-profit organizations and public service initiatives by embracing a new paradigm of resourcefulness.

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Engage policymakers on the need to find legitimate, non-punitive pathways to legal status for those striving to become Americans.

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Angela Blanchard speaking at TEDxHouston

Angela Blanchard is recognized for her pioneering work in asset-based community development that focuses on the human, social and cultural strengths of vulnerable populations. Angela is the President and CEO of Houston-based Neighborhood Centers Inc., one of the top 1% of U.S.-based charitable groups that serves 250,000 clients annually through 60 facilities in the Houston and Gulf Coast regions. Former HUD Assistant Secretary Roberta Achtenberg (who currently serves on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights) has praised Angela for her innovation in developing "a powerful transformational model" with important implications for community redevelopment efforts throughout the nation. Angela has been honored by a number of organizations for advocacy, her excellence in nonprofit leadership, and outstanding achievements in community service. Most recently, she was named the ARAMARK Building Community 2011 National Innovation Award Leadership Honoree.

Angela travels and speaks globally presenting workshops and in depth training to organizational leaders on the subjects of community development, disaster recovery, leadership, and immigration.

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  • Angela Visits the White House
    Angela Visits the White House

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  • What Works for America’s Communities
    What Works for America’s Communities

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  • Fast Company Features Angela in “Secrets of the Flux Leader” article
    Fast Company Features Angela in “Secrets of the Flux Leader” article

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H-Town Stories

Angela discusses the inspiring film series H-Town Stories and its first film with KUHF Houston Matters’ host Michael Hagerty.

Asking the first new question...

In 2005, Angela and her team at Neighborhood Centers shifted how they approached community development by asking new questions. They asked the communities where they were working, 'What do you have? Where are you strong? And, when you are resilient, what does that look like?' instead of 'What isn't working? What do you need?' The difference it made inspired a new paradigm in building community better.

It can take time to help the community see itself from its strengths, especially if it has long been defined by what they need or what's broken. Relentlessness is critical.

"You have to be willing to ask again and again at a deeper and deeper level. What worked? What did you carry away from that? You have to be relentless in the search for strength. We're going to do this. We're going to stick with this and we're not going to leave it alone," says Angela. "Then the way forward starts to open up."

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