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    I help change-makers and leaders turn passion into practical ways of changing the world.

    As a nonprofit CEO, I’ve learned that leadership has nothing to do with position, and everything to do with being present and productive in challenging situations.

    I teach practical approaches to evolutionary leadership and proven frameworks for transforming communities and organizations.

    So we can continue to keep the conversation, and the change… going.

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Out on a Limb

January 27, 2015

I had a call not too long ago from a non-profit leader in Virginia. It began as many calls do these days with familiar questions about how we began our work to transform one of Houston’s toughest neighborhoods. And how taking on that challenge impacted the agency…and what were the steps and how long did it take and what next and how do we keep going…and so on. I immediately liked the guy on the phone. He’d done his homework about us and he was asking all the right questions. As he began describing the challenges his team is facing, I thought “Yeah, same tribe.” After just a few minutes I knew that he belonged in that category of leaders …

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Making it Together and Making a Difference

December 11, 2014

I am looking forward to a small vacation with my son. In a few days we will head out to visit a city I lived in when I was young – and see plays and art and snow. It’s only a few days but it feels like a really big deal. He’s 26 and I don’t need a whole hand to count the vacations we’ve had together. For years I was variously described as work-obsessed or passionate and driven or, in the opinion of a former partner, “seriously not fun”. I often listened to family members with half my mind. The other half was busy working out a way to get a bit more service out of the same dollar, …

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